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Serving the scientific community since 1986

Our Specialities:

Installation & Training
Improve your performance in the workplace, and stay on the cutting edge of technology. Accelerate your learning using the best electronic performance support systems. We offer one-on-one training, as well as for small groups; your place or ours. We partner with WebEx and offer remote consultation.

Our instructors are industry certified and bring exceptional skills to the learning experience. We offer advanced training in microscopy, digital photography, image processing and analysis.

We can tailor your training needs to any aspect of digital microscopy. Hourly, daily and weekly rates are available. Call 800-227-5290 x115 for more information.

Our customers normally purchase imaging systems which must be assembled and calibrated before they can be used. Meyer Instruments offers the experience to provide this service throughout our territory.

If we are installing a digital camera or automated microscope to a computer system it is highly recommended to have an Internet connection and telephone located near by. After sale technical support with WebEx can be used to handle most issues. Downloading updates and drivers is also easily accomplished.

If you will be using your own computer be sure to determine whether or not it will meet our recommended criteria before you purchase.

Service & Repair
Meyer Instruments, Inc. offers factory authorized service through our local affiliate company MTS Moers Technical Service. www.mtsmicroscopes.com.

Cleaning, refurbishing, realignment, calibration and customization of your instruments is available.

Equipment Rental
Equipment rental is available on most microscope products. Rent by the day week or month. Rent stereomicroscopes, macroscopes, microscopes, digital cameras, computers and software.

Instruments may also be rented by the hour from our demonstration facility. Use our expertise and equipment to photograph your next project or to obtain data for a grant or scientific proposal.

Rental services for microphotography and image analysis by a factory trained expert is also available for $150.00 per hour at our site.

Contact Robert Meyer for more information at [email protected]

Our Showroom:

1304 Langham Creek Dr. #235
Houston, TX 77084

(281) 579-0342

Meyer Instruments, Inc. is an independent microscope dealer specializing in digital imaging systems for microscopy. We provide state of the art microscopes, stereomicroscopes, surgical microscopes, digital cameras and imaging software for all biomedical, industrial and surgical applications. Additionally, we offer Biospace Labs realtime bioluminescence or fluorescence imaging devices designed for live animal research. For the past 28 years we have been offering outstanding product knowledge and imaging expertise. We offer systems integration and custom software developer. Meyer Instruments, Inc. office is located in West Houston and has an extensive demonstration facility.

Our markets include research, clinical, industrial and advanced bioluminescence and fluorescence microscopy. Our customers include medical schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, oil companies, semiconductor manufactures and companies whose focus is bio-medically or industrially oriented. We offer instruments from student level microscopes and stereomicroscopes to specialized long distance microscopes, macro lenses and digital scanners.

Meyer Instrument’s Inc. covers an exclusive geographical area including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Our factory trained sales representatives make onsite calls and can provide in-house demonstrations. Comprehensive installation and training is offered with every sale. WebEx after sale support is available to all our clients.

Our staff is comprised of talented people all with a scientific backgrounds. Training after the sale is critically important and our people provide comprehensive instruction. Custom software applications can be tailored to your biomedical needs. We work with a senior program engineer Matt Batchelor, with over twenty three years of experience. We offer proof of concept proposals for all custom applications.

Meyer Instruments, Inc. offers factory authorized service through our local affiliate company MicroService SOUTHWEST, www.microservicesw.com. Cleaning, refurbishing, realignment, calibration and customization of your instruments is available.

Meyer Instruments, Inc. can also be your source for a variety of 3rd party hardware, software, and microscope based consulting services required to complete your project. We offer rental equipment and contract services including microphotography and image processing and analysis.

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