Objective Camera Adapter Camera Chip Size Full Screen or Capture Window Diagonal Size On Screen Magnification

The formula used for calculating the on-screen magnification is:

On Screen Magnification = Objective magnification * Camera adapter lens magnification * (Full Screen or Capture Window Diagonal Size / Camera Chip Size)

Note: Use of this calculator is meant for approximations and to evaluate changes in the setup, i.e. how much more mag
can I get with a bigger monitor, etc.. To calculate true magnification, one would measure the lines of a stage micrometer
at the magnified output and apply the formula:

T = 1000 * L / V    where

T = True magnification, e.g. in a print publication
L = Length of a given number of micrometer lines on the screen or capture window in mm (as measured by a ruler)
V = Value of micrometer reading in micrometers for that number of lines

So if you were using a stage micrometer, which has 100 graduations each 10 micrometers and you chose to measure 10 graduations, L would be the length of those 10 graduations in mm as measured by putting the ruler up to the screen and V would be 100 micrometers.

Note: Not all combinations render acceptable image resolution.
Meyer Instruments does not recommend using 1/4" chip cameras for microscopy.

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